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Ayurvedic Health and Wellness Consultation

Initial Consultation

In this 30-minute call, we will discuss your current wellness goals and symptoms, and the services and assistance I can offer you. We will require your response to the General Ayurvedic Questionnaire beforehand, and will construct a preliminary treatment plan based on your needs.

$150 for initial consult 

Full Wellness Consultation

Turn your life and health around with the wisdom of Ayurvedic lifestyle! These meetings address Ayurvedic imbalances that may be causing you pain or discomfort. I’ll use your Symptom Survey Form to begin constructing your treatment plan. We will decide the frequency of meetings that’s right for you, and I’ll help you make the diet and lifestyle changes to bring you into a more balanced and healthy state.

$90 per support session

Facial Services

Blissful Beauty Marma Facelift

Rеveal your inner, outer, and lasting beauty! Relax your mind and repair your skin with a thorough facial massage and marma energy point activation, featuring light touch, pure aromas, 18 herbal extracts, and divine mantra sounds. All-natural age-defying Navratra Celestial Radiance Facial Cream nourishes the 7 layers of the skin, mind, and heart, and the light of the soul. Marma energy point activation restores Prana universal energies flow and your internal glow.

90 min  –  $300  –  Series of 6: $1500

Deeply Cleansing Facial

In this luxurious facial treatment, we use a Bio-Therapeutic brush and Bio-Therapeutic micro to achieve a delicate and thorough cleanse. Ultrasonic exfoliation creates high-speed oscillation, leaving skin smooth, fresh, and perfectly prepared for product application. State of the art tools in combination with professional-grade products create magic and restore youthful-looking skin.

60 min  –  $150  –  Series of 6: $750

Anti-Anxiety Facial

Restore and reveal your inner, outer, and lasting beauty with this all-natural Ayurvedic facial. Soothing to the senses warm herbal foot soak is followed by a 30-minute face and eye marma energy point activation. This treatment allows the body to release accumulated stress by getting a deep rest of all levels of the mind and body. Following the treatment, we recommend rest a minimum of 15 minutes and drink plenty of pure alkaline mountain spring water throughout the day.

60 min  –  $150  –  Series of 6: $750

Ayurvedic Marma Eye Treatment

This highly rejuvenating eye treatment protocol has been developed for heavy electronic device users. In this treatment, we apply a deeply detoxifying and cooling clay eye mask followed by a marma energy point activation around the eye area. This allows the eyes to release energetic blockages and restore Prana flow through the channels of the eyes.

60 min  –  $150  –  Series of 6: $750

Gentle No-Down-Time Microdermabrasion

In this luxurious facial treatment, we deeply cleanse and prepare your skin for ultra gentle microdermabrasion. Bio-Therapeutic Titan MN is an innovative professional grade tool, which is used in combination with highly effective exfoliating products, leaving your skin refreshed and glowing with renewed radiance.

60 min   –   $180  –  Series of 6: $900

Acne Facial Therapy

The acne skin condition is a highly sensitive issue for people who are affected by it. We offer a highly effective holistic treatment protocol that allows us to detox impurities from the deeper layers without damaging an already vulnerable and extremely sensitive skin. We use Prana-rich food-grade herbal formulations, creams, and other products such as detoxifying herbal soaps, clays, lotions, and internal remedies to manage, heal, and reveal radiant skin from within.

60 min  –  $125  –  Series of 6: $625

Rosacea Facial for Highly Sensitive Skin

When skin becomes so sensitive and reactive to just about all cosmetic products, touch or smell, we highly recommend a symbiotic approach to treat such delicate skin. Our signature Lalita’s Prebiotic Facial Cleanser in combination with Lalita’s Probiotic Facial Cream is a powerful duo to restore the immunity of such delicate skin and bring it back to it’s normal youthful glow.

60 min   –   $150  –  Series of 6: $750

Gentleman's Facial

This rejuvenating and cleansing facial helps clarify the skin and relax the mind. Feel recharged with a Ayurvedic marma energy point activation as the age-defying facial clay heals your skin.

60 min   –   $125  –  Series of 6: $625

Body Services

Restorative Nervous System Massage

In this day and age when our bodies are bombarded with all kinds of external and internal pollutants, it is almost a norm for people to feel energetically depleted. This highly sophisticated Ayurvedic herbal body swiping treatment protocol helps you restore, renew, and replenish your energy reservoir, helping you stay positive and productive.

60 min   –   $150  –  Series of 6: $750

Ayurvedic Marma Foot Treatment

Take a load off your feet and treat yourself to this healing for the whole physiology foot and leg treatment. We’ll soak your feet in a warm herbal foot bath, followed by a detoxifying clay wrap, and finish by a light touch marma point energy activation massage. The result is blissful you!

60 min   –   $200  –  Series of 6: $1000

Professional Massages

Each massage is offered with warm herbal oils selected for your skin and body type. Choose from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, Reflexology, and Ayuvedic Abhyanga. Call Irina for details and to schedule your appointment!

Luxurious Add-ons

Add to any Ayurvedic facial or body treatment to enhance your rejuvenating spa experience

Warm Herbal Foot Soak    $20

Bio Therapeutic Infusion Facial Masque (choice of Clearing Masque, Brightening Masque, Collagen Masque, Hydrating Masque, or Vitamin C Masque)    $20

Bio Therapeutic Collagen & Elastin Ampoule    $20

Deep Cleansing and Moisturizing    $50

Facial Lymph Treatment    $50

Skin Clay Eye Detox Mask    $30

Samadhi Set: Blissful Heart Lotus Marma Therapy    $30

Cooling Scalp Massage with Warm Herbalized Oil    $30

Healing Reiki treatment     $30


100% natural products

Purchase top-quality SV Ayurveda products for your own home!

Our food-grade Prana-rich products can be purchased for your own use from our store! Find all the healing lotions and stress-reducing herbs you need to supplement your Ayurvedic treatments.

Didn’t see a healing treatment you were looking for? Shop an even more extensive selection of all-natural products from SV Ayurveda on the Chandika website.


Gift cards

Give the gift of healing with our custom gift cards for any occasion!

Looking for more advanced SVA body restoration marma therapies? Call Irina at 805-680-3357 to discuss how she can help you heal.

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